JingleXpress is a full-service commercial music production company founded in 1971 by Terry Thompson. Thompson is an expert arranger, composer and music producer. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music and many of the finest and most skilled session musicians and singers in the business.

Under Thompson’s jingle prowess and leadership, the firm has produced hundreds of jingles. Virtually all styles of music have been incorporated in a vast array of commercial productions.

The firm’s operations include the development of original music, lyrics, arrangements and orchestrations, talent contracting and all details necessary to provide clients with the very best in commercial music productions for radio and TV jingles, station ID packages and music tracks for corporate videos and film scores.

The right commercial music can add depth, emotion and impact to any sales message or advertising campaign. In fact, research shows that music communicates more than anything else with more impact and memorability. Movies always use music to grip emotions and to involve audiences. Just try to imagine the movie “Rocky” without the Musical Theme From Rocky. Try to imagine any movie you have seen without that musical score. It is an integral, irreplaceable part of the movie. And the same principle applies to many of the most famous and most loved commercials of all time.

JingleXpress can add impact and memorability to your company or organization’s commercial or multi-media production. And we can do it on-time and on-budget.

Contact JingleXpress and let’s get your message humming along with top-of-mind awareness of your product or service.