Whatever your commercial, industrial or business music needs, JingleXpress is prepared to serve you with a broad range of creative experience and top-level musical expertise. From start to finish, we are full equipped to handle your entire audio package.

Services include:

• Original Music
• Lyrics
• Arrangements & Orchestrations
• Talent Contracting
• Talent Payments
• Announcers/Voice-over Talent

Our productions represent a wide variety of styles and sound…pop, country, adult contemporary, soul, R & B, jazz, nostalgia, oldies, electronic, special effects, etc. Moreover, our productions consist of everything from solo to full-orchestrated jingles and themes, to unique sound signatures for audio logos and broadcast call letters.

Each Jingle Package consists of:

• 60 second with Donut for Voice-Over
• 60 second with extended Donut for Voice-Over
• 60 second instrumental with Vocal Tag
• 30 second Full Sing
• 30 second with short Donut
• 30 second with Vocal Tag

Other edits such as a 15 or 10 second version can be ordered for an additional charge.


JingleXpress strives for customer satisfaction. We work closely with clients direct and/or Agencies. If changes from the original concept agreed upon after the production is in process, additional charges will be incurred for re-writing, re-arranging or re-recording.

We prefer to be brought in early for most creative projects. After careful consideration of a client’s advertising objectives, we develop original music, lyrics and arrangements. Our top-flight staff of musicians and singers execute the finished production. Usually a Jingle Package can be completed within 3 weeks. Clients receive 1 CD master after completion of recording session.


All charges are based upon the specific requirements of proposed work and are Quoted on a per job basis. Firm prices are quoted after pre-production meeting or conference, but before recording sessions. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders with the 50% balance due 5 days prior to finished recording session.